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Q: "What is tennis elbow, what can I do?"

A: Dear Hurting Hitter,
Tennis Elbow is a condition associated with pain around the outer part (lateral) of the elbow. An overuse of the muscles responsible for bending the wrist back causes tennis elbow. Tennis elbow most often results from straining the muscles used to hit a backhand. Improper stroke mechanics are often to be blamed for this problem. Miss-hitting shots outside of the sweet spot of the racquet will increase vibration and potential chronic overuse of the muscles involved. Tennis elbow can be avoided by maintaining proper stroke mechanics and using a racquet that is more flexible producing less vibration. Treating tennis elbow depending on the level of severity can be simple by following the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate) method. Strengthening exercises can also help to strengthen the surrounding area of the elbow. Another thing that will help your already aching arm is using a softer string that will reduce the amount of vibration transferred into your racquet. Hope this helps and if you want me to take a look at your stroke mechanics please let me know when you’re playing next so I can to watch.

Ryan Schroffel,
Head Tennis Pro


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